Why The C-Umbrella Is The Best 2018, 2019, 2020 Umbrella In The World?


Have you ever had such a problem during rainy days?

If you board a crowded train after escaping a downpour , your umbrella will drip and accidentally wet yourbag, clothing, car or house ? 

Solve this problem now with the inverted umbrella!

Advantages of reverse umbrella over regular umbrella:

1. Innovative, Inverted-Looking Design:
Flipping the umbrella over when not in use will expose the dry, inner side of the umbrella to the outside, keeping the wet side away from you when you come out of the rain.

2. Specially Developed for Motorists:
You will always stay dry when getting in and out of your car , because the screen is opened and closed at the perfect angle so that you do not have to bend out of the car
3. Easy Storage:
The storm-proof umbrella can stand upright, perfect when you have nothing to lean against
4. Stable & Stormproof:
The reverse struts are made of durable glass fiber, central rod made of stable aluminum alloy and breathable, double-layered shielding.
This gives you a storm-proof umbrella that doesn't twist outward in the wind and retains its elegant, round shape.

5. User-Friendly C-shaped
Handle : The C-shaped handle allows you to hold the umbrella and still have both hands free.

6. Superior Preformance 
This exclusive Inverted umbrella is designed with durability, versatility and comfort in mind. We constructed this umbrella with premium carbon fiber material which is sturdy, corrosion resistant and features double-layer canopy design to protect  against UV rays and other harmful sun lights.

7. Newest Inverted Design
The mechanism of our beautiful windproof umbrella is inverted which gives you the ability to close from the inside-out when you open the door or access the lobby room without dripping water after heavy rain. This authentic model prevents getting the car or floor wet, thus keeping dry and clean.

8. Ergonomic C-Shaped Handle
Walk comfortably hands-free while answering your phone calls, handle grocery bags, baby or even grab your kid's hands.
The comfort grip C-Shaped handle allows you to slide over your forearm or wrist so you can attend what is more   important.

9. Windproof & Weather Resistance
What separate us from the competition is the maximum performance against heavy rain. It's the best windproof umbrella that withstand wind speeds in excess 61 miles per hour.

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our Inverted umbrellas are tailor-made with customer's needs in mind and aimed for perfection. Shop with confidence TODAY!

L.R.C Coating

Inverted Umbrella is the perfect blend of size,strength, durability, and ergonomics you’ve been searching for. Waterproof and wind resistant, the Inverted Umbrella offers reinforced fiberglass ribs, plus an all metal frame and shaft, making it the ultimate in severe weather protection! If you're on the move out in the weather, this is the umbrella you want with you

Cool the body under the umbrella

Double insulation Body feeling cool Provides the highest UV protection and quality of any UV, blocking 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays (A,B,C). Stay comfortable and protected, knowing this is the perfect umbrella for you.

Bend 180 degrees C does not deform

Waterproof coating
Water Repellent
Fast dry

Upgrade auto open, a second open really free your hands

ergonomic C-Shaped handle allow you attend what is more important , answering your phone calls, handle grocery bags, baby or even grab your kid's hands.

Still not sure ?

Its the strongest umbrella ever!

Check the strength test in the next video!

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